Nate Is Late

TV Series



Every morning, 8-year-olds Nate and Malika leave home 30 minutes early to go to school. And yet, every morning they arrive late! No matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, they always, unbelievably, get to school late. It's not because they missed the bus or woke up late - that would be too ordinary! That's because every morning something AMAZING happens on their way. 


But even if their stories are always true - even if they look like the most far-fetched, exciting excuse - the school's principal never believes them... She wasn't born yesterday and she always marks down Nate and Malika as late. Again. 


Definitely, this is a comedy ahead of its time!


Technical data

  • Format: 104 eps x 11 min (2 seasons)
  • Target: kids 6 to 9
  • Genre: comedy
  • Technique: Digital 2D
  • Available territories: Latin America
  • Available languages: English, Spanish
  • Production year: 2019-2021



  • France Télévisions, Canal J (France)
  • Super RTL (Germany)
  • Nine Network (Australia)
  • RTVE Clan (Spain)
  • RTP (Portugal)
  • RTS (Switzerland)
  • VRT / Ketnet (Belgium)
  • SVT (Sweden)
  • POP TV (United Kingdom & Italy)
  • Globosat (Brazil)
  • Ameba, Kidoodle & BatteryPOP (USA)
  • TV5 Quebec (Canada)
  • Channel 8 (Israel)
  • Discovery Kids (MENA)
  • TVB (Hong Kong)
  • Cartoon Network (India)
  • Tencent & Puxin (China)
  • Netflix (France, Benelux, UK & Ireland)



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