Four and a half Friends

© Edebé Audiovisual, B-Water Studios, ZDF, ZDFE, RTVE, CCMA

Length: 26x24'

Target: 6 to 10, boys&girls

Charly and his friends love solving mysteries while facing the challenges of growing up. This unlikely group of junior detectives - and their small, mangy street dog - will stop at nothing to find and solve cases they uncover in and around their home town. And between the excitement, action and laughs, they’ll find out a bit about themselves and each other along the way.


This show puts a modern, fast-moving spin on the traditional detective genre. Told through the eyes of one of the characters – including Dandy – these stories are funny and touching. This ‘kid’s-eye view’ means viewers will be able to identify with the character’s thoughts and feelings, his insecurities and worries. And to share their sense of humour too, so we will enjoy their adventures even more.

They don’t have superpowers, they aren’t geniuses and they don’t even look like TV stars, but these normal, unexceptional kids and their funny-looking dog achieve amazing things when they get together as the Charly & Co Detective Agency.


The TV series is based on the internationally successful series of books written by Joachim Friedrich. The books have been translated into more than 20 languages, and millions of copies have been sold in countries such as Germany, Spain, Eastern Europe, China, Japan and the US.


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: Super3, Clan TV (Spain), Ki.ka (Germany), YLE2 (Finland), VRT (Belgium), Neovision (Poland), Minimax (Eastern Europe), VietContent (Vietnam), Amazon Prime (India)

Takat The Dog

© DigitalyCual, CCMA

Length: 52 eps x 2.5 min

Target: Family

Takat is a street dog living in the big city. Takat doesn't have a pedigree, but he has plenty of class: he's a little guy with a big character. He's a scamp, a rascal who's always on the look-out for the main chance - but he has a big heart and a noble spirit.


Takat shows us the day-to-day life of an independent-minded pooch, who doesn't want to take orders, or be anyone's pet. He knows exactly how to get what he wants: a bite to eat, freedom to live the present, without worrying about the future.


With a mainstream rock soundtrack and the image of such a beautiful city as Barcelona in the background, Takat's adventures will take all family to laugh by looking at this small guy trying to survive in his own, not always luckily.


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: Super3 (Spain), Samanyolu (Turkey), Hayat TV (Bosnia-Hercegovina), Al Jazeera Children's Channel (Arab countries), Télé-Québec (Canada)

SVOD PROVIDERS: Toons.TV, ToonGoggles, Amazon Prime, IFLIX


© Edebé, Tiburón de Animación, RTVE

Length: 26 eps x 13 min

Target: Kids 4-7

‘Edebits’ is a 'green' series with ecological values and set in a scientific base in Antarctica where 10-years old Bet lives with her parents. One day, she accidentally creates 5 bits – the edebits – who become alive inside her computer, and immediately become best friends. The edebits and their world of technology will join Bet in her adventures filled with action, friendship, solidarity, teamwork and lots of humor.


We will show two different worlds in each episode: the real world in Antarctica and the world inside Bet’s computer or PDA. Thanks to the incredible adventures of Bet and the edebits, the audience is going to explore the frozen continent and learn to respect the environment, covering highly topical subjects such as climate change, oil pollution, hunting seals, etc.


Official website:


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: Rtve (Spain), Rai (Italy), RTP (Portugal), Canal Panda (Portugal), Noga (Israel), Al Jazeera Children's Channel (Arab countries), Thai PBS (Thailand), Okto (Singapore), RTVC (Colombia).

SVOD PROVIDERS: ToonGoggles, Amazon Prime 


© 3de3 Animación

Length: 52 x 3'30''

Target: 2 to 5


"Trip&Troop, Discovering Animals" is an educational multimedia project for preschoolers developed for TV, web, e-book and even a live show. The TV series is a musical show where kids will have to guess animals. The two main characters, Trip and Troop, will describe it by hints and riddles, and once the animals is correctly guessed, they will give some scientific information about it. Using different natural environments (forests, seas, deserts, the poles, etc.), the series teaches the wide variety of wild life on Earth. 


Official website:


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: Télé-Québec (Canada), TV Brasil (Brazil), SVT (Sweden), C-Media (Russia), Ultra Media (India), Global Toons (Mexico)

The Tricky Band

© 3de3 Animación

ength: 28 x 4'

Target: 2 to 5

The Tricky Band' is an educational musical series for preschoolers which helps kids learn about musical instruments in an easy and funny way. The series reminds the format of a TV show where a family of 4 members (the Tricky family) try to guess the instrument that sounds just by hearing some musical notes. Once they hit the solution, they all dance together to celebrate. The aesthetics remind those of the 70's disco-style, full of colours.


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: CJ E&M (South Korea), YLE (Finland), Global Toons (Mexico)

Never Ending Tales

© OQO Filmes

Length: 26 eps x 10 min

Target: Family

'Never Ending Tales' is a collection of wondrous stories; they are popular tales that exist in oral tradition in various cultures around the world. Those tales have been adapted by contemporary authors for the children’s audience through the creation of various innovative plastic worlds, all of them based on the stop-motion technique.


The 26 episodes are traditional children’s folklore stories based on titles at children’s publishing house OQO Publishing, under the O Collection. The illustrated albums have already been sold in many territories including Europe, Latin America, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, among others.


The tales come in small, educational doses that seek to stimulate children’s imagination by introducing them to fictional worlds that play with language, images and the stories themselves to provide the smallest of viewers with fun, productive entertainment.



BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: TVG (Spain), YLE (Finland), HRT (Croatia), Canal Encuentro (Argentina), CNTV (Chile), Once TV Niños (Mexico)



© OQO Filmes, TVG

Length: 39 eps x 6 min

Target: Preschool Toddlers

“I am ugly”, said Mr Snail to Miss Snail when, with beautiful eyes and shining antennae, she asked him why he sighed so sadly. “Well I don’t think you are”, she revealed to discover together his beauty and the values of friendship. A light-legged ant and a caterpillar will be companions on this initial journey to the mysteries provided by nature and the world, full of feelings and surprises…


In the garden under the tree there’s home of all sort of small animals: snails, wormwoods, caterpillars, fireflies, frogs, etc. All of them have a different behavior and way of understanding life, but they can all live together and have fun. There’s more life in the garden that you would ever imagine!


These short stories, related but also independent, bring up themes close to preschoolers: exploring the world, observation of nature, discovering friendship… Toddlers can identify with situations and construct a singular perspective of the world while experimenting emotions such as surprise, fear, happiness, deception, etc. At the same time, they start understanding social relationships.


BROADCASTERS ON BOARD: TVG (Spain), Canal Encuentro (Argentina)

INTERNET PLATFORMS: WideAngleMedia (India)


© OQO Filmes, TVG

Length: 52 eps x 13 min

Target: Kids 3-6

Cocorico is a mischievous little chicken, but also a bit stubborn, who likes to play and learn. He lives happily with his mother in a henhouse. One day, Mummy Hen makes a cake and Cocorico offers himself to fetch wood to light the oven. While in the woods, a huge, evil cat appears, but Cocorico manages to save the day by promising Plucky Cat half of the cake. Once the danger is gone, Cocorico comes back home, forgets the deal and eats the whole cake. Then he hears a noise at the door: it’s Plucky Cat coming back for his half of cake! The intervention of Mummy Hen will save the wolverine little chick, who learns the lesson.


Cocorico is an adaptation of a traditional Burmese traditional tale which talks about the need of listening to good advices, the importance of promises and the difficulty of learning to share. Through the adventures and misadventures of the little chicken, kids will learn about those values and how the world works, while growing-up.


With simple language and a realistic stop-motion aesthetic (all materials are made of real wood, stone, grass or water) we create funny stories which manage to convey emotions and reach the senses of small viewers. 



Pet Pals & Marco Polo's Code

© Grupo Edebé, Gruppo Alcuni, RAI, RTVE

Theatrical Feature Film (90'), family targeted


The Wicked Crow Witch has a terrible plan in mind: tarmacking the lagoon of Venice, thus turning it into a town like all the others. Will the six Pet Pals be able to put a stop to her plan and to find Marco Polo’s Code first? Will they discover in time the legendary Parallel Palace of Magic? Only the secrets contained within this palace will enable our brave Pet Pals to sabe Venice from this evil plan.


This is a story of friendship and educational values linked to entertainment for young kids. This is a story of magic, knowledge, adventures and fantasy. This is a big adventure with a very simple, real mission: to make kids understand that working together is the best way to achieve big goals.


Based on the animated series ‘Pet Pals’ by Gruppo Alcuni.



(CORDOBA, 2010)



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