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HVT is the story of an unlikely friendship, the one between Katusha, a newcomer female cat in an urban condominium, and Wanton, a male turtle who has lived there so many years he can't count them. 


Katusha has just shifted owner since the last one, the manager of a tourist agency, and she just want to belong to the new group. So she comes up with the idea of organizing tourist packages at home aimed at animals from the jungle, the Arctic or any other wild place who dream of knowing human world. And in order to do that, she needs the help of Wanton, who knows everything about the villa. 


However, the scheduled activities are subject to the unpredictable because of such uncontrollably tourists, whose instincts surface at worst moments. And, on top of that, there is the janitor's dog who tries to uncover the business!


At the heart of this wild sitcom for kids we'll find the pets, the tourist guides, with their own problems and frustration, to humorously tell how beings belonging to different worlds live and exchange feelings.


Technical data

  • Format: 52 eps x 11 min
  • Target: boys & girls 7 to 11 years old
  • Genre: comedy
  • Technique: digital 2D
  • Available territories: worldwide



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