Peek-a-boo, here we are!

Peekaboo Animation is a production company specialized in children's animation content for television and new platforms. At Peekaboo we create, draw, write, produce and finance our own shows, with the aim of surprising the international market with fresh, innovative ideas. We produce those shows that we'd love to watch, because we love television and entertainment and we are passionate about animation. 


At Peekaboo we also deal with commercial exploitation of content, TV rights and ancillary rights worldwide. We attend international content markets to sell our shows - but also those from third parties - such as Kidscreen, Mipjunior or Cartoon Forum. Finally, we offer consultancy, work-for-hire and executive production services for those producers who need to put an international flavour on their projects. 


We like to surprise kids and like to be surprised. We believe animation is a useful tool to make children enjoy their childhood. But not only kids - who said animation is not for adults? If you feel this same passion, you are our perfect partner in this journey. Take a look at our works and don't hesitate to contact us!




I Elvis Riboldi

We have a network of talented collaborators including scriptwriters, illustrators, storyboarders, line producers, that can match international quality at creating animated content.


We like to produce and deliver our own shows but are also open to participate in international coproductions as minority partner, or even work-for-hire. We focus on concept development (from literary to graphic works) and preproduction tasks (storyboarding, financing, etc.).


Four and a half friends

Peekaboo Animation is active in audiovisual markets such as Natpe, Mipcom, Mipjunior, Kidscreen, MIFA, APD, Cinekid, CMC or Cartoon Forum. We handle TV & licensing rights on a worldwide basis for most of our catalogue with a special focus in Europe and Latin America. We also work with distributors and licensing agents for specific titles and territories.


Our list of clients include TV3 and TVE (Spain), Canal+ (France), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Rovio's Toons.TV (Finland), Once TV (Mexico), among others.





At Peekaboo all ideas are more than welcome! If you have a great project but need help to go into the market, we can help you. We already work with small studios in Spain acting as executive producer of their shows, looking for coproduction partners as well as financing. 


Our way of working is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each project. Our philosophy consists on creating a trustful relationship with our partners and clients. 

Who We Are

Iván Agenjo

Graduated in Business Administration & International Trade, he has 15 years of experience in export departments from industrial and cultural sectors, with a special focus on Asian markets. He's worked at the Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Japan as trade technician and owns a master in Business & Economics in East Asia.


Ivan entered the audiovisual market in 2008 through Imagina International Sales and then moved to Edebé Audiovisual and joined the animation sector in 2010. He's founder and CEO of Peekaboo. Iván has been Executive Producer of different animation shows for TV, such as 'Four and a half friends'.


He's member of the board of Pro-Animats (Catalan Association of Animation Producers) as well as of DIBOOS (Spanish Federation of Associations of Animation Producers). 

Javier Galán

Javier entered the world of animation in 1997 as a freelance character designer and storyboarder. He undertook almost all kind of creative tasks in animation pre-production, from character design to storyboard supervision or script writing, in several international projects from different production houses.


Together with other freelances, in 2004 he built up Ediacara Studio, where he gave birth to several projects and some of them came to life in collaboration with production companies, such as Papawa or Pumpkin Reports.


Javier debuted as co-director of a TV series with 'Four and a half friends' from Edebé Audiovisual. His opera prima as single director is 'I Elvis Riboldi'. Javier is founder and CEO at Peekaboo, where he acts as Creative Director of the company's animation pipeline.

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