Audrey's Shelter

TV Series (52x11')

Have you ever heard of the saiga? Or the kakapo? Or the northern hairy-nosed wombat? No? That's ok. Audrey will introduce them to you!


These are some of the most endangered animals in the world... and they just so happen to be her best friends! That's because 8-years-old Audrey lives at her family's Refuge for endangered species. She knows first-hand that caring for a menagerie of wild animals isn't easy, but is always worth it. It just takes a little empathy and a big sense of humor. But while Audrey is amazing with animals, she's a little less amazing with people... until she met Tommy. A city boy who just moved next door, who's a nerd of animals but he's never even had a pet. So now, together Audrey and Tommy can handle anything the Refuge throws at them!


A wild and woolly animated series for kids!


Technical details

  • Format: 52 eps x 11 min
  • Target: boys & girls 6 to 9
  • Genre: comedy
  • Technique: digital 2D
  • Available territories: Spain


  • France Télévisions (France)
  • RTVE/Clan (Spain)
  • ZDF/Kika (Germany)
  • TVO Kids (Canada)
  • TFO (Canada)
  • Knowledge Network (Canada)
  • Radio Canada (Canada)


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