The Tricky Band

TV Series

'The Tricky Band' is an educational musical series for preschoolers which helps kids learn about musical instruments in an easy and funny way. The series' aesthetics remind those of the 70's disco-style, full of colours, and is settled in the form of a fictional TV show where a family of 4 members (the Tricky family) try to guess the instrument that sounds just by hearing some musical notes. Once they hit the solution, they all dance together to celebrate. 


Music is one of the most universal disciplines in children education as it helps develop their cognitive, cultural and rhythm skills. Through music and repetition, this series is the perfect match to introduce the youngest members of the family into the different musical instruments. 

Technical data

  • Format: 28 eps x 4 min
  • Target: preschool 2-5 years old
  • Genre: educational
  • Technique: 3D CGI
  • Available territories: worldwide
  • Availablel languages: English, Latin Spanish
  • Production year: 2016



  • À Punt Media (Spain)
  • YLE2 (Finland)
  • CJ E&M / (South Korea)
  • GlobalToons (Mexico)
  • Amazon Prime (worldwide)




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