TV Series

‘Edebits’ is a 'green' series with ecological values and set in a scientific base in Antarctica where 10-years old Bet lives with her parents. One day, she accidentally creates 5 bits – the edebits – who become alive inside her computer, and immediately become best friends. The edebits and their world of technology will join Bet in her adventures filled with action, friendship, solidarity, teamwork and lots of humor.


We will show two different worlds in each episode: the real world in Antarctica and the world inside Bet’s computer or PDA. Thanks to the incredible adventures of Bet and the edebits, the audience is going to explore the frozen continent and learn to respect the environment, covering highly topical subjects such as climate change, oil pollution, hunting seals, etc.


Edebits targets universal topics that are relevant than ever for future generations, thus turns into a good fit for any programming grid. 

Technical data

  • Format: 26 eps x 13 min
  • Target: boys & girls4 to 8 years old
  • Genre: educational, discovery
  • Technique: digital 2D
  • Available territories: worldwide
  • Available languages: English, Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
  • Production year: 2006



  • RTVE / Clan (Spain)
  • RAI (Italy)
  • RTP (Portugal)
  • Canal Panda (Portugal)
  • Noga Channel (Israel)
  • JCCTV (Arab countries)
  • Thai PBS (Thailand)
  • Okto (Singapore)
  • RTVC (Colombia)
  • STARZ Play (US Hispanic)
  • ToonGoogles (Latin America)
  • Amazon Prime (worldwide)



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