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“I am ugly”, said Mr Snail to Miss Snail when, with beautiful eyes and shining antennae, she asked him why he sighed so sadly. “Well I don’t think you are”, she revealed to discover together his beauty and the values of friendship. A light-legged ant and a caterpillar will be companions on this initial journey to the mysteries provided by nature and the world, full of feelings and surprises…


In the garden under the tree there’s home of all sort of small animals: snails, wormwoods, caterpillars, fireflies, frogs, etc. All of them have a different behavior and way of understanding life, but they can all live together and have fun. There’s more life in the garden that you would ever imagine!


These short stories, related but also independent, bring up themes close to preschoolers: exploring the world, observation of nature, discovering friendship… Toddlers can identify with situations and construct a singular perspective of the world while experimenting emotions such as surprise, fear, happiness, deception, etc. At the same time, they start understanding social relationships.

Technical data

  • Format: 39 eps x 6 min
  • Target: preschool toddlers
  • Genre: educational, discovery
  • Technique: stop-motion
  • Available territories: worldwide
  • Available languages: Spanish
  • Production year: 2011



  • TVG / Televisión de Galicia (Spain)
  • Canal Encuentro (Argentina)
  • WideAngleMedia (India)
  • JY Animation (China)



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