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'I, Elvis Riboldi', nominated for best Iberoamerican TV series

The first season of our flagship project 'I, Elvis Riboldi' is nominated as finalist for Best Iberoamerican Animated Series at the Quirino Awards. The ceremony will be hold in Tenerife in May 2021. Thanks to the organization and the selection committee for the nomination!


March 2021

'I, Elvis Riboldi' Season 2 gets commissioned by TVC

Catalan broadcaster TVC/Super3 has commissioned 'I, Elvis Riboldi 2' in November 2020, while announcing the release of Season 1 by January 2021 through its kids' channel Super3.

Production of Season 2 is expected to start by 2022.


November 2020

'I, Elvis Riboldi' Season 2 gets commissioned by RTVE

Season 2 of our flagship project "I, Elvis Riboldi" has been commissioned for a new round of 52 episodes. Public broadcaster RTVE has been the first one to announce it among its 2020 call of projects including 7 different animation projects.


July 2020

"I, Elvis Riboldi" releases at Cartoon Network!

The comedy series "I Elvis Riboldi" is on air in Cartoon Network Turkey and Africa feeds since May, while Turner Latin America broadcasts the first half season starting in June. 


June 2020

We're selected as 'Producer To Watch' at Miptv

Peekaboo Animation has been selected as one of the 46 worldwide 'Producers to Watch' in the section 'Kids&Teens' at Miptv 2020 edition. Thanks Reed Midem for this visibility!


March 2020

The program Info-K from TVC visits our production!

The children news program Info-K from Catalan broadcaster Super3 has shown a small piece on how we are producing 'I Elvis Riboldi'.

Click and watch! 

(video in Catalan language)


October 2019

We talk about Catalan animation at Diari Ara

The Catalan newspaper issues a report on the status of Catalan animation during current MIPTV 2019 edition. Iván Agenjo, producer at Peekaboo, is featured.



April 2019

New project "Rocky Kwaterner" for RTVE

The animated series, an original production of Mondo TV France and Monello with France Télévisions, has been selected for coproduction by Spanish pubcaster RTVE (Clan).


September 2018

Iván Agenjo, interviewed at Media Desk  

The CEO of Peekaboo talks at this interview published at No.18 Digital Magazine by Media Desk Catalonia, following the recent Creative Europe TV Diffusion fund granted to Peekaboo Animation.


June 2018

'I Elvis Riboldi' gets MEDIA TV Diffusion grant

The project, which was the only application coming Spain for this call of proposals, will receive the biggest possible aid amount for this funding line (500K euro).


May 2018

We have a new office in Barcelona

Year 2018 is a turning point for the company, who grows in size and consolidates its business lines.

We have new offices in Gracia quarter, at one of the most popular and creative hotspots in Barcelona. Come and visit us!


March 2018

'My Little Heroes'  selected to pitch at Mipjunior 2017

The books property is among the five IP selected for a showcase in the new 'Pitch Your IP' session at upcoming Mipjunior (Cannes).

Variety Magazine reports.


October 2017

'Mironins' awarded at MIFA Pitching competition 

The project "Mironins" has received the INA-Expert Award as Best Transmedia project in this year's pitching competition at MIFA (Marché International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy).


June 2017

RTVE joins 'Mironins' for coproduction

The project is among the six animation series selected for coproduction in last commission call handled in 2016. This decision grants the national release of the series through kids' channel Clan.


December 2016

Peekaboo brings a new project to Mipjunior 2016

Peekaboo Animation is attending Mipjunior in Cannes where it will be introducing a new kids comedy series called "Puu&I, Way Up High", created by Gerard Cornella.



October 2016

TV Catalonia's kids channel Super 3 will coproduce        'I Elvis Riboldi'

The project is among the six animation series selected for coproduction in last commission call. This secures the broadcast of the series through children's signal Super3.


September 2016

Peekaboo brings 'Mironins' to the international market

The project is a co-production between Cornelius Films and Wuji House in collaboration with Joan Miró Foundation.




March 2016

'I Elvis Riboldi' accounts new international partners

Peekaboo Animation and Watch Next Media have entered into a development deal with Canal+ France. This is the first commercial deal for the newly formed production company.


January 2016

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