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Peekaboo announces new project "Rocky Kwaterner" for RTVE
The animated series (52x13') is an original production of Mondo TV France and Monello with France Télévisions
2018.10.08. Coproduction Rocky Kwaterner[...]
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Entrevista amb Iván Agenjo de Peekaboo Animation
Entrevista publicada al núm.18 de la revista digital del Media Desk Catalunya (juny 2018)
eMediaCat Elvis Riboldi.pdf
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'I Elvis Riboldi' gets MEDIA TV Diffusion grant
The project was the only application coming Spain for this call of proposals
2018.05.14. Peekaboo receives MEDIA TV D[...]
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We have moved!
2018 is a turning point for the company, who grows in size and consolidates its business lines.
2018.04.01. We have moved.pdf
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'My Little Heroes' selected at IP Pitching in Mipjunior
The books property is among the five IP selected for a showcase in the new pitching session at Mipjunior (Cannes).
2017.10.02. My Little Heroes pitching at[...]
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'Mironins' awarded at MIFA Pitching competition (Annecy)
The project "Mironins" has received the INA-Expert Award as Best Transmedia project in this year's pitching competition at MIFA.
2017.06.20. Mironins awarded at MIFA.pdf
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RTVE joins 'Mironins'
The project is among the six animation series selected for coproduction in last commission call handled in 2016.
2017.01.20. RTVE joins Mironins.pdf
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Peekaboo brings a new project to Mipjunior
Peekaboo Animation is attending Mipjunior in Cannes where it will be introducing a new kids comedy series called "Puu&I, Way Up High"
2016.10.10. Mipjunior.pdf
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TVC joins 'I Elvis Riboldi'
The project is among the six animation series selected for coproduction in last commission call.
2016.09.15. TVC joins Elvis.pdf
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Peekaboo brings 'Mironins' to the international market
The project is a co-production between Cornelius Films and Wuji House in collaboration with Joan Miró Foundation.
2016.03.31. Mironins.pdf
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'I Elvis Riboldi' accounts a new international partner
Peekaboo Animation and Watch Next Media have entered into a development deal with Canal+ France.
2016.01.04. Elvis Riboldi.pdf
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A new animation company is born in Barcelona (Spain)
Peekaboo Animation is a newly created company focused on children content which aims to deliver high quality animation content to the market, working with either its own projects as well as third-party IPs to represent on a worldwide basis.
2015.12.05. Peekaboo.pdf
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