At Peekaboo all ideas are more than welcome! If you have a great project but need help to go into the market, we can help you. We already work with studios in Spain acting as executive producer of their shows, looking for coproduction partners as well as financing. We also provide services to animation studios and publishing sector.


Our way of working is flexible and adaptable to the needs of each project. Our philosophy consists on creating a trustful relationship with our partners and clients. 

Mis Pequeños Héroes

There are some other heroes who have achieved great, astonishing goals in life, who don’t appear in comic strips… they are REAL people who, before being HEROES, they were also KIDS! Impatient, passionate, sometimes reckless or scatterbrained… exactly the same than real kids.


With this collection, kids will discover characters such as Einstein, Mozart, Frida Kahlo, Wangari Maathai, Martin L. King, Gaudí, Anne Frank... people who have contributed to human kind through their effort, skills or great actions. 


The collection includes 125 volumes and has been published by Salvat as kiosk collectibles, at libraries by Shackleton Books.



Taking the individual 'heroes' collection as a basis, these books introduce some of them grouped under a common umbrella: science, creativity, activism, etc.


Scientists, inventors, adventurers, artists, singers, painters, activists... all of them reunited at different illustrated albums that compile their stories, the most important moments in their lives and their most famous works or contributions.


Mitología para niños

In the magical world of myths, there were incredible, powerful and, above all, terrifying beasts and creatures. The monsters that threatened the lands of Ancient Greece were able to petrify with their eyes, spit fire, poison the crops with their breath or even hypnotize with their voice. Few mortals dared to face these horrible creatures, and almost everyone lost their lives in the attempt. Only the best and most cunning Greek heroes managed to survive their encounter.


Join us in this incredible universe full of gods, heroes and magical creatures! Classic mithology has never been so trendy, full of fantasy and adventure, as it is in this collection of 70 collectible books by El País, also available at libraries through Shackleton Books us different anthologies.


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