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Cocorico is a mischievous little chicken, but also a bit stubborn, who likes to play and learn. He lives happily with his mother in a henhouse. One day, Mummy Hen makes a cake and Cocorico offers himself to fetch wood to light the oven. While in the woods, a huge, evil cat appears, but Cocorico manages to save the day by promising Plucky Cat half of the cake. Once the danger is gone, Cocorico comes back home, forgets the deal and eats the whole cake. Then he hears a noise at the door: it’s Plucky Cat coming back for his half of cake! The intervention of Mummy Hen will save the wolverine little chick, who learns the lesson.


Cocorico is an adaptation of a traditional Burmese traditional tale which talks about the need of listening to good advices, the importance of promises and the difficulty of learning to share. Through the adventures and misadventures of the little chicken, kids will learn about those values and how the world works, while growing-up.


With simple language and a realistic stop-motion aesthetic (all materials are made of real wood, stone, grass or water) we create funny stories which manage to convey emotions and reach the senses of small viewers. 

Technical data

  • Format: 52 eps x 13 min
  • Target: preschool
  • Genre: discovery, soft comedy
  • Technique: stop-motion
  • Available territories: worldwide
  • Available languages: Galician
  • Production year: 2013-2014



  • TVG / Televisión de Galicia (Spain)



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