WAW Resort

Wild Animals Welcome


TV Series (52x11')



Tired of splashing around in the turquoise waters of a tropical paradise? Exhausted from all that running through the endless savannah? Fed up with being surrounded by extraordinary natural scenery? 


Well, you need a break! Come to... WAW RESORT!


WAW Resort is the ultimate experience for wild animals. Discover the incredible adventure of domestic life: cooking lessons, stunning light displays, relaxing spa sessions, etc. No matter if you are a parasite or the very king of the jungle: at WAW Resort you will enjoy the most extraordinary everyday activities in a real human house. Our crew will be happy to cater all your needs. Their many years as domestic pets are their best qualification. 


Our gold package includes 3 daily feed bowls, morning brushing, deworming service and fetch games in the backyard. And don't miss our seasonal special family offer: free brood! (under 10).




Note of compliance from the management board:

our crew are 100% tame and fully dewormed.



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