Takat The Dog

TV Series

Takat is a street dog living in the big city. Takat doesn't have a pedigree, but he has plenty of class: he's a little guy with a big character. He's a scamp, a rascal who's always on the look-out for the main chance - but he has a big heart and a noble spirit.


Takat shows us the day-to-day life of an independent-minded pooch, who doesn't want to take orders, or be anyone's pet. He knows exactly how to get what he wants: a bite to eat, freedom to live the present, without worrying about the future.


With a mainstream rock soundtrack and the image of such a beautiful city as Barcelona in the background, Takat's adventures will take all family to laugh by looking at this small guy trying to survive in his own, not always luckily.

Technical data

  • Format: 52 eps x 2'40''
  • Target: family
  • Genre: slapstick non-verbal
  • Technique: digital 2D
  • Available territories: worldwide
  • Available languages: non-dialogue
  • Production year: 2010



  • TVC / Super3 (Spain)
  • Samanyolu (Turkey)
  • Hayat TV (Bosnia-Hercegovina)
  • Al Jazeera Children's Channel (Arab countries)
  • Télé-Québec (Canada)
  • Toons.TV (worldwide)
  • ToonGoogles (worldwide)
  • Amazon Prime (worldwide)
  • iflix (worldwide)



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