My Little Heroes

TV Series (52x11')

There is a type of heroes who have achieved great, astonishing goals in life but don’t appear in comic strips… they are REAL people who, before being HEROES, were also CHILDREN! Impatient, passionate, sometimes reckless or scatterbrained… exactly the same than regular kids.


Bruno and Olivia are two siblings who will meet heroes such as Mozart, Amelia Earhart, Mandela or Cleopatra when they were kids, and will live an adventure together. The conflict of the little hero is always directly related to the great achievements he or she will perform in future. Thus, even if the story does not always match their timeline, the character will always be true to itself. 


Project based on the collection of books created by EMSE and published by Shackleton Books.


Technical data

  • Format: 52 eps x 7 min
  • Target: boys & girls 4 to 8 years old
  • Genre: comedy, adventure, educational
  • Technique: digital 2D
  • Available territories: worldwide



  • RTVE/Clan (Spain)

Letters of interest:

  • BBC Alba (Scottland)
  • Canal Panda (Portugal)
  • HopTV! (Israel)


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